Annual Inspection

Pro-Flight has the tools and the talent to inspect your aircraft. Our experienced mechanics will thoroughly inspect your aircraft, prepare a computerized Airworthiness Directives list, and work WITH you to develop a “squawk” list prior to beginning repairs. We have experience with most General Aviation aircraft. We take pride in our work and enjoy a reputation as one of the most reliable and reasonable shops in the Seattle area.


Our technicians have the experience to perform any repairs you may require.  We have extensive experience with structural repairs and can easily accomplish more minor repairs.  Engine repairs and adjustments are completed promptly by our factory trained staff.


Whether you are upgrading your panel or adding additional equipment, we can help.  All required paperwork will be completed after installation and you will be ready to go, in style.

Pre-Purchase Surveys.

Buying an aircraft can be a confusing and daunting process. Working closely with you, the prospective buyer, we can help determine if this is the right aircraft for you.  Included with this process is a record search, compression check, and an examination of the oil filter.  We also complete a general inspection of known problem areas on each model aircraft.  If you have any particular areas of concern, just let us know.

Float Changes

Floats on for the summer and off for the winter.  We have many years’ experience with all makes and models of floats and floatplanes.  There is never a charge to maintenance customers for launch and recovery services.  Renton is the only airport in the Seattle area with a runway AND a seaplane base – making it ideal for float changes.

Propeller Balancing.

No matter how carefully the propeller shop balances your prop, minor imbalance of the spinner assembly can result in noticeable vibration.  We are the only shop on the field capable of dynamically balancing your propeller and spinner as an assembly.

Oxygen service

Pro-Flight has the very best Aviators Breathing Oxygen available so you can breathe easy.  Sorry, but it only comes in one flavor ;)

Nitrogen Service

If your aircraft requires high pressure nitrogen for the struts or accumulators, we have you covered.

Maintenance Technicians

Pro-Flight employs four full-time A&P mechanics and three I.A.’s.  with a total experience of over 90 years, making us one of the most experienced shops in the Seattle area.  At Pro-Flight, we believe in keeping our techs up to speed.  We have factory trained mechanics available to service your aircraft with the proper procedures and equipment.